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There are many custom wig studios...but only one HERO HAIR™.

The HERO HAIR difference gives you what only our studio provides; going beyond the mere professional creation of your custom production piece and into the realm of the REEL wig experience™.  

HERO HAIR custom wig, facial hair application, or hairpiece application is unlike any other created in the industry.

Our studio's custom pieces are at the vanguard of the state-of-the-art with superior quality, and design, the latest groundbreaking, cutting-edge materials, exclusive methodologies, and original innovation of the craft performed by no one else, and come with unparalleled, collaborative client-care from the point of first inquiry to final delivery, and beyond. 

HERO HAIR specializes in one thing; the hallmark of a truly successful, hyper-real illusion for film and television, the one the audience isn't even aware exists.


The above video feature presentation, "THE HERO HAIR DIFFERENCE," lifts the curtain and takes you behind the scenes with HERO HAIR, introducing you, via up-close, visual demonstration, to the unparalleled examples of what sets our studio apart from my other experience you have had previously when contracting a custom (or stock) wig house for your major motion picture, television or streaming production. When you have finished, please scroll down further to view and download our accompanying PDF, which explains in complete, unabridged detail everything you get when choosing HERO HAIR as your production's preferred creators of the illusion of life above the neck. 

Don't just wig your actor. Crown them with HERO HAIR for the REEL wig experience™.

Click the image below to view our

Complete Services PDF

You will need a Dropbox account to open the file on your mobile device/iPhone, etc., and a PDF application (Adobe Acrobat or similar app) to open on desktop. It will take a moment to download from Dropbox to your device.

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