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Our Contract & TOS

-(Terms Of Service)-

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***Our studio's complete process, unique within the Motion Picture & Television Industry, is demonstrated on

The HERO HAIR Difference page of this website. We highly recommend all department personnel relevant to our hire review that area of our website before proceeding to our contract below!***

HERO HAIR: The REEL Wig Experience™, an IATSE-member-owned, contract-based studio, designs & completely hand-fabricates state-of-the-art custom wigs, hairpiece applications, and facial hair applications, and provides partial-to-complete “Corrective Remastering™” of unsuccessful, or unsuitable, repurposed, preexisting wig-stock from other houses, for motion pictures, television, and streaming productions, and Red Carpet, and professional & personal appearances by your actor.


Our Contract & TOS (PDF downloadable below) will guide you through the basics of hiring HERO HAIR for your production, e.g. such considerations as our timetables, rush-fees, and HERO HAIR's essential requirements for our work, i.e. producing/procuring your actor(s) head (or chin) wrap, our protocols for collaboration

with HMU during our process, and our at-a-glance guide for our preferred screen credit(s), categorized by job.


HERO HAIR's exclusive, OPTIONAL, extended HMU/Production services, in support of our wares, and their performance on camera, beyond the “sale,” (included, either, as standard & FREE in our deal, or at additional IATSE rates) are also explained.

Please review the below CONTRACT & TOS (PDF) for the terms and conditions of our studio's full range of services before contacting us.


 -(Click cover image below to view or download)-

AVAILABLE 10/15/2023!

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Please visit the HERO HAIR DIFFERENCE™ page of this website for a behind-the-scenes look

at what sets HERO HAIR apart from any other wig & facial hair studio in the industry.

Website by HERO HAIR: The REEL Wig Experience™ 2023. Additional logos & indicia are copyright of their respective owners. In certain instances, talent & production clearance have been granted for limited use of actor images and likenesses in the demonstration media of this website.
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