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Our Mission Statement

-(To The Industry)-

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A HERO HAIR custom wig, hairpiece application or facial hair application is unlike any you have experienced before; their unparalleled performance before the cameras delivers everything you should expect from a premiere wig house elevating the state-of-the-art, while additional HMU-departmental/production support protocols, pioneered by our studio, and offered by no one else, bring to the fore what we call “The REEL Wig Experience™.”


Our studio's complete, EXTENDED curation of our wares, beyond the “sale,” whether included as FREE in our deal, or optionally extra for your actor's final illusion for the screen, and whether delivered to the production in their raw, uncut, unstyled build-state for finishing in HMU, or fully realized, pre-cut and styled for the screen,  like our custom pieces themselves, is entirely unique to the industry.

HERO HAIR: The REEL Wig Experience™, an IATSE-member-owned, contract-based studio, designs & completely hand-fabricates state-of-the-art custom wigs, hairpiece applications, and facial hair applications, and provides partial-to-complete “Corrective Remastering™” of unsuccessful, or unsuitable, repurposed preexisting wigs (from other houses) for motion pictures, television & streaming productions. We also support our actors with exceptional “self,” and concept wigs for Red Carpet, professional, and personal appearances.


Our custom pieces have adorned some of Hollywood’s biggest names, and most notable career actors & talent including such Academy Award® winners/ nominees, and Emmy® Award winners/nominees as Hailee Steinfeld, Richard E. Grant, and Michael Stuhlbarg, to Screen Actor’s Guild Award® & Tony Award® winner Jane Krakowski, Kate Siegel and Jeffrey Combs, with one of our very first studio jobs providing our “Corrective Remastering™“ services for Tinsel Town legend, and all-around-nice-guy," Keanu Reeves.


HERO HAIR’s Founder & Head Wig Designer, Erin Kennedy Lunsford, is an IATSE Local 798 Journeyman, and a voting member of the Academy Of Television Arts And Sciences, nearing her 20th year in the entertainment industry at large. From designing on Broadway, to department heading & key hairstyling, and running entire background departments in motion pictures & television, she has worked personally with such actors as Katie Holmes, Winona Ryder, and Academy Award® winners/ nominees, and Emmy® Award winners/nominees as the late Angela Lansbury, Kathleen Turner, and Robert Redford, amongst many others; having also been granted the distinction of personally creating the first custom wig ever worn by America Ferrera.

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Please visit the HERO HAIR DIFFERENCE™ page of this website for a behind-the-scenes look

at what sets HERO HAIR apart from any other wig & facial hair studio in the industry.

Website by HERO HAIR: The REEL Wig Experience™ 2023. Additional logos & indicia are copyright of their respective owners. In certain instances, talent & production clearance have been granted for limited use of actor images and likenesses in the demonstration media of this website.
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