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Client: hulu

Production Type: Streaming Limited Series

HERO HAIR was honored to have hand-fabricated for the screen two (2) custom (varying time-period) principal 

actor wigs for Michael Stuhlbarg's Emmy™ Award-nominated performance as "Richard Clarke," in hulu's The Looming Tower.

This production also utilized HERO HAIR's exclusive wig & facial hair technician production crewing,

with our studio's internal IATSE 798 team providing the following services-

Last-looks maintenance on set and de-wigging support of the actor (working under the supervision of the Hair Dept).

Dept. Head Hair: Suzy Mazzarese Allison.

Facial hair application by Dept. Head Makeup: Stephen Kelley

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See HERO HAIR's Galleries Of Selected Custom Pieces Created For This Production Below*

*Additional galleries of our production coverage-clearance pending from the client. Check back often!

Blocked Wig Gallery- 1990's Time Period

Actor Final Looks, And In-Wig/Facial Hair Continuity Gallery- 1990's Time Period

Actor Final Looks, And In-Wig Continuity Gallery- 2000's Time Period

You may also view our work on this production

on the EXAMPLES OF OUR WORK page of this website.

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