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Production Type: Feature Film

HERO HAIR was honored to have hand-fabricated multiple custom featured actor performance wigs, as well as supplied our complete remastering services (hairline replacement for pre-existing wigs & facial hair applications) for 20th CENTURY STUDIOS' The Greatest Showman, starring Hugh Jackman.

Our studio's work on this production included the following for the characters known as "the Oddities"-

Full construction of four featured (center ring) performance custom wigs for the characters of the 'Voodoo Twins,' and the 'Albino Sisters,' remastering (full replacement) of the 'Bearded Lady's featured (center ring) performance, pre-existing facial hair application's hairline (beard) with our studio's exclusive 'HERO-Hairline™,' and remastering (full replacement) of Zendaya's/Anne Wheeler's featured (center ring) performance, pre-existing wig's hairline with our studio's exclusive 'HERO-Hairline™.'

This production also utilized HERO HAIR's exclusive wig & facial hair technician production crewing,

with members of our studio's internal IATSE 798 team providing the following services-

Last-looks maintenance on set and de-wigging support of selected actors

(working under the supervision of the Hair Dept. Head).


Jerry Popolis

DEPT. HEAD HAIR/ Wig Cut & Styling: Suzy Mazzarese Allison.

DEPT. HEAD MAKEUP/Facial Hair Cut & Styling: Whitney James.

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