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Client: AMC

Production Type: Streaming Series

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HERO HAIR was honored to have designed, hand-fabricated, styled & applied for the screen, a custom, SFX, featured character wig for actor Amy V. Morse's role as "Lemima," for M. Night Shyamalan's/Apple TV +'s  'SERVANT': Season 2.


This production also utilized HERO HAIR's exclusive wig & facial hair technician production crewing, with our studio's internal IATSE 798 team providing the following, additional services-

Wig application for the camera, last-looks maintenance on set, and de-wigging of the actor (working under the supervision of the Hair & Makeup Dept. Heads, and in collaboration with makeup artist Josh Turi, & Brian Spears of Designs To Deceive.

Finally, HERO HAIR provided our studio's exclusive REFRESH, RESET & RESTYLING services for all pieces created by our studio, for production, between shooting days.

Dept. Head Hair: Diane Dixon

Dept. Head Makeup:: Diane Heller

Photo courtesy to Blinding Edge Pictures.

All rights reserved.

See HERO HAIR's Galleries Of Selected Custom Pieces Created For This Production Below*

*Additional galleries of our production coverage clearance pending from the client. Check back often!

Blocked Wig Gallery

*Pre-Visualization, To Final Actor Looks , and Behind-The-Scenes Gallery

*HERO HAIR Is The Only Custom Wig & Facial Hair Studio In The Industry That Offers Full, Digital Pre-Visualization Of Your Production's Final Looks. 

Watch HERO HAIR's 10-minute, Behind-The-Scenes Documentation Video Of Our Application Of This Custom Piece For Camera.*

*Production footage clearance pending from the client. Check back soon!

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