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Client: Apple TV+

Production Type: Streaming Series

HERO HAIR was honored to have provided our studio's custom wig corrective remastering™ services for Jane Krakowski's principal actor wig for the role of 'The Countess,' in Apple TV+'s production of 'SCHMIGADOON!'


HERO HAIR's complete remastering of this pre-existing production wig included the following-

1. 3 1/2-inch central crown, and 2 1/2 inch, full hairline perimeter 

replacement (forehead, temples & full nape-reveal) with our studio's exclusive 'HERO-Hairline™,' the faithfully reproduced, hyper-accurate hairline of the original actor, or visual source reference/subject.


2. Complete crown-to-perimeter hair trajectory re-mapping through our studio's exclusive 'Hair-Directional Growth-Pattern Plotting™'-

Rather than typical hair ventilation, generally directed along the denae, it is a process whereby the rudimentary perimeter hairline tracing produced during the actor's headwrap is, instead, translated beyond the norms of a traditional pad-out into a highly detailed expressly plotted blueprint across the entirety of the head.

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The'Hair-Directional Growth-Pattern Plotting™' process, pioneered by HERO HAIR, mimics the illusion of life by meticulously blueprinting all discernable growth patterns and directions, cowlicks, density variations, visual gradation, and fine nuance detail naturally present on the original actor (or visual source reference/subject), into the wig's or facial hair's design, before physical ventilation of hair begins.  


3. Complete color stripping, and corrective re-toning of the entire (pre-existing) piece through HERO HAIR's exclusive 'TRUE-Hue™' physical color grading for photography.

Cut & styling for the screen by

DEPT. HEAD HAIR: Julie Mchaffie.

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Actor Final Looks Gallery

Completed 'Corrective Remastering™':
Blocked Wig Gallery

'HERO-Hairline™'  & 'Hair-Directional Growth Pattern-Plotting™ ': Before & After Gallery

Watch HERO HAIR's 17:00-minute, Behind-The-Scenes Documentary Featurette Of Our Studio's Complete Remastering Of This Stock Piece For Production.

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