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Client: MARVEL Studios/Disney +

Production Type: Streaming Series

HERO HAIR was honored to have provided our studio's custom "Corrective Remastering™" services for Hailee Steinfeld’s principal hero-wig, for the role of

“Kate Bishop,” in selected scenes,

and additional photography for MARVEL Studios production of “hawkeye."

During a production, wigs and facial hair often require reparative servicing and restoration, or even what’s called re-fronting , where the entire front  hairline is removed and reconstructed in order to extend the lifespan of the wig for the current shoot, or for future use on other productions.


A corrective remastering, which is a term exclusive to HERO HAIR, goes beyond those expected industry norms. 


It’s a highly detailed process we provide when a production contacts our studio to actually revise a wig’s (or facial hair’s) existing aesthetic design, structural elements or quality, or all of those details combined, and for a variety of reasons.


Remastering by HERO HAIR can run the range from a complete hairline aesthetic re-design to better match

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the actor’s own, or stop simply look more natural, to adding additional (or reducing) foundation-coverage to correctly meet the actor’s existing natural hairline boarder, to complete reworking and application of color and other elements. In this case, HERO HAIR provided a nearly complete corrective-remastering of the preexisting wig due to elements the production wanted revised.


HERO HAIR’s remastering  included a full aesthetic/corrective re-design of the front-to-temples hairline perimeter, removing and replacing it with our studio’s exclusive "HERO-hairline™,"  a complete hairline-to-crown trajectory remapping through our exclusive "Hair-Directional Growth-Pattern-Plotting™", a complete central crown-part aesthetic/corrective re-design and replacement, and, finally, adding additional foundation coverage to correctly meet the actor’s naturally existing hairline border. 

Show hair design, and wig cut & styling for the screen by

Josh Gericke.

Behind-The-Scenes Video Featurette

Blocked Wig & Actor Final Look Image Gallery

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