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The HERO HAIR Difference™

-(Behind-The-Scenes Video Clips & Full-Length Featurettes Of Our Entire Cutting-Edge Process)-

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Our studio's complete process, unique within the Motion Picture & Television Industry, is demonstrated on this page. We highly recommend all department personnel relevant to our hire review this area of our website, featuring in-depth details about our studio's full range of products & services, before contacting us.

HERO HAIR: The REEL Wig Experience™, an IATSE-member-owned, contract-based studio, designs & completely hand-fabricates state-of-the-art custom wigs, hairpiece applications, and facial hair applications, and provides partial-to-complete “Corrective Remastering™” of unsuccessful, or unsuitable, repurposed, preexisting wig-stock from other houses, for motion pictures, television, and streaming productions, and Red Carpet, and professional & personal appearances by your actor.

Each of those areas, as well as HERO HAIR's exclusive, OPTIONAL, extended HMU/Production services, in support of our wares, and their performance on camera, beyond the “sale,” (included, either, as standard & FREE

in our deal, or at additional IATSE rates) are demonstrated in the videos below.


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-(Our Video Clips & Full-Length Featurettes,
Tabled Below For Easy Reference,
Are Viewed Further Down Page
With A Detailed Description Of Their Focus
Included Under Each Player.)-

1. The HERO HAIR Difference™
-(7:00 Minute Clip)-

2. The "HERO-Hairline™"
-(0:00 Minute Clip)- 

3. "Hair-Directional Growth-Pattern Plotting™"
-(0:00 Minute-Clip)-

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4. Partial "Corrective Remastering™"
-(0:00 Minute Clip)-

5. Complete "Corrective Remastering™"

-(0:00 Minute, Full-Length Featurette)-

6. "Digital Pre-Visualization"
-(0:00 Minute-Clip)-

Please visit the HERO HAIR DIFFERENCE™ page of this website for a behind-the-scenes look

at what sets HERO HAIR apart from any other wig & facial hair studio in the industry.

Website by HERO HAIR: The REEL Wig Experience™ 2023. Additional logos & indicia are copyright of their respective owners. In certain instances, talent & production clearance have been granted for limited use of actor images and likenesses in the demonstration media of this website.
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