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HERO HAIR’s uncut/unstyled wigs, hairpiece applications & facial hair applications (examples) for production.

The example galleries showcase examples of our studio's uncut, unstyled, custom wigs (or facial hair) for production.


Done either in our studio, the HMU trailer, or via virtual session over Zoom, Skype, or Facetime, our actor headwrap (or face-wrap) sessions, fittings, and final camera test applications of our custom pieces have been successfully performed both in-person, as well as remotely by our studio for our worldwide clients since 2015.

All of our unstyled custom pieces

feature our studio's exclusive "HERO-Hairline™, the hyper-accurate, faithfully reproduced hairline of the original actor, source reference, or established design continuity by production, as well as our exclusive 

Hair-Directional Growth Pattern-Plotting™  blueprint, a state-of-the-art process, equally exclusive to, and created by HERO HAIR, that 

virtually styles itself, and provides exceptional recovery (re-styling) between shooting days and a long-lasting set-hold during last-looks and filming.

You may learn about the HERO-Hairline™  & Hair-Directional Growth Pattern-Plotting ™, and

the full details of our state-of-the-art process of custom wig & facial hair creation on THE HERO HAIR DIFFERENCE page of this website.

Our studio's exclusive REFRESH, RESET & RESTYLING services of all pieces created for production 

are available upon request.


11/25/20- This area is undergoing a full content update with the addition of more examples of our work. Check back often!

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