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Client: Disney

Production Type: Youtube Series

HERO HAIR was honored to have designed, hand-fabricated, and styled for the screen a custom,

principal performance wig for the character of "Baby Piggy," for Disney Junior's "Muppet Babies."

This production also utilized HERO HAIR's exclusive wig & facial hair technician production crewing,

with our studio's internal IATSE 798 team providing the following services-

Wig application for camera test, client training of wig application, last-looks, and de-wigging of the physical muppet for camera.

Our studio's exclusive REFRESH, RESET & RESTYLING™ services of all pieces created for production, 

between shooting seasons.

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See The Official Trailer Featuring HERO HAIR's 
Custom Piece Created For This Production Below

NOTE: Due to directives from the client regarding the delicate nature of depicting a torso-less Muppet™, as well as behind-the-scenes photos of a "Non-Muppet reality," we are unable to publically post images, even continuity, of our studio's work on this production. Therefore, we have included the link to the official Youtube trailer featuring our piece for the series below.

Our behind-the-scenes, watermarked, studio continuity photos and video of this work may be confidentially viewed, under our standard NDA, by request, via this website's contact page.

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You may also view our work on this production

on the EXAMPLES OF OUR WORK page of this website.

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