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Client: AMC

Production Type: Streaming Series

HERO HAIR was honored to have designed, hand-fabricated, and pre-styled for the screen a custom principal actor wig, and hairpiece 

applications, as well as a featured actor custom wig, and multiple custom facial hair applications for AMC's

Dispatches From Elsewhere,

created by and starring Jason Segel.

This production also utilized HERO HAIR's exclusive wig & facial hair technician production crewing,

with members of our studio's internal IATSE 798 team providing the following services-

Prestyling for all camera tests, last-looks advisor support on set, and de-wigging assistance of the actors (working under the supervision of the Hair & Makeup Dept. Heads).

Our studio's exclusive REFRESH, RESET & RESTYLING™ services of all pieces created for production, 

between shooting days.

Hair Dept. Head: Diane Heller

Makeup Dept. Head: Diane Dixon.

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See HERO HAIR's Galleries Of Selected Custom Pieces Created For This Production Below*

*Additional galleries of our production coverage clearance pending from the client. Check back often!

Blocked Wig & Facial Hair Gallery

HERO-Hairline™  & Hair-Directional Growth Pattern-Plotting™  Gallery

*Pre-Visualization (Neck-Up Only), To Final Actor-Looks Gallery 1

*HERO HAIR Is The Only Custom Wig & Facial Hair Studio In The Industry That Offers Full, Digital Pre-Visualization Of Your Production's Final Looks. 


Watch HERO HAIR's 10-minute, Behind-The-Scenes Documentation Video Of Our Screen-Accurate Restyling Of This Custom Piece, Between Shooting Days For Camera.

Blocked Wig & Facial Hair Gallery 2