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Client: HBO

Production Type: Streaming Series

HERO HAIR: The REEL Wig Experience™ was honored to have designed, hand-fabricated, and co-styled for the screen the principal custom wig for actor Josh Stamberg for the role of "Richard De Tamble," custom hairpiece applications for actor Desmin Borges for the role of "Gomez," and multiple custom 

supporting and featured actor wigs, actor's-double & stunt wigs, falls, hairpiece applications and facial hair applications for HBO MAX's "The Time Traveler's Wife".

HERO HAIR's complete custom fabrication of our wigs & facial hair for this production included the following details-

Hand-blended/ hand-toned virgin human hair (wigs) and human, angora & yak belly (facial hair) on HD (high-definition) feature film-lace. Complete hairline perimeter reveal (forehead, temples & nape) with our studio's exclusive "HERO-Hairline™," the faithfully reproduced, hyper-accurate hairline of the original actor, subject or visual source reference (in this case, that of our 

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Of Our Work

on-location study/access with our various actors' naturally existing borders) and complete crown-to-perimeter hair trajectory-mapping through our studio's exclusive "Hair-Directional Growth Pattern Plotting™," programming the illusion of life into every custom piece we create. 


HERO HAIR also functioned under our exclusive adjunct-departmental (HMU) support (crewing) for this production, collaborating directly under the Hair Department Head from our first concept meetings at Steiner Studios, NYC, to in-house actor fittings with such talent as Josh Stamberg at HERO HAIR's original Brooklyn studio, and final hand-delivery to set of these prominently featured custom performance pieces.

"The Time Traveler's Wife"  further utilized HERO HAIR's exclusive beyond-the-sale services around our work, including in-person wig-technician production crewing on set as an adjunct, orbital support department (Key) to HMU (Hair & Makeup) with members of our studio's exclusive IATSE 798 team providing the following-​ Wig and hairpiece initial concept styling & application for first camera tests and continuity, application, key-styling and last-looks styling management assist during filming on set of all wig & hairpiece applications created by our studio, and de-wigging of our actors (working under the supervision of the Hair Dept. Head). 

HERO HAIR additionally provided our exclusive REFRESH, RESET & RESTYLING™ services for all of our custom pieces created for the production, between shooting days.

Show hair design and styling for the screen by


Physical Pieces, HMU Continuity & Our Actors On Screen.

*Series production clearance for additional imagery soon!

Check back again!

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Due to celebrity/actor endorsement, likeness & image rights, studio proprietary IP's, and the often confidential nature, or premiere & clearance status of many of our productions, HERO HAIR does not post our INDUSTRY PORTFOLIO publicly online, available only to official production personnel by request.


Interested hair & makeup department heads, their keys, or other officially sanctioned crew (such as your production's director, producer(s), line producer or production manager) receive our portfolio by sending us an email via the CONTACT page of this website.

Please provide us with the allowable details of your production, or your general interest as a motion picture, television, streaming (or Broadway) professional, reaching out in an official capacity around your department focus. You will be sent a private Dropbox™ link to this one-of-a-kind, in-depth look at just some of our studio's signature custom works worn by the actors they were created for.

Our portfolio also includes the specific details of the (often 

unique) totality of our work around our creations; from delivering the industry-standard raw, uncut, or unstyled piece to HMU for their master-work in creating its final look for the camera, to HERO HAIR's exclusive-to-our-studio, adjunct hair & makeup departmental support,(cut, or complete cut & styling for first camera tests, and even our exclusive virtual, or on-set application support around your talent by our in-house IATSE team, or hands-off, custom wig technician orbital support-same) available to the production around every custom piece our studio partners in bringing to life.

NOTICE: By Requesting the link to our portfolio, you agree to the terms of its confidential transmission, and that its content will not be shared publicly, posted online, or to social media without the express permission of

HERO HAIR: The REEL Wig Experience.™ We do relevant diligence on all contacts, so, please, no spam requests.

Please visit the HERO HAIR DIFFERENCE™ page of this website for a behind-the-scenes look

at what sets HERO HAIR apart from any other wig & facial hair studio in the industry.

Website by HERO HAIR: The REEL Wig Experience™ 2023. Additional logos & indicia are copyright of their respective owners. In certain instances, talent & production clearance have been granted for limited use of actor images and likenesses in the demonstration media of this website.
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